Griffin is a global aviation leasing and asset management platform


About Griffin

Stable & Long-Term Partner

The innovative partnership with Bain Capital Credit leverages the strengths of both organizations by pairing deep capital relationships and investing experience with aviation industry expertise.

Flexible Capital

Flexible capital within a long term committed fund structure built to support airline & OEM long term business needs: New order positions, traditional

sale-lease backs,

non-traditional financings, and end-of-life solutions.

Vision and Core Strategy

Griffin works closely with airlines, OEMs, financiers, and other lessors to deliver customized fleet solutions and financings across the industry. Griffin’s long-term capital base is designed to support airlines through industry cycles.

Seasoned Leadership Team

With offices in Dublin, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles, Griffin is led by a seasoned and innovative team of aviation professionals with diverse experiences across aviation leasing, asset management, investing and financing.